• Complementary therapist with eidg. Diploma
    • Certified Holistic specialist in Kinesiology

  • Physical therapist FH
    • Sports Physical therapist SPT

  • Pain therapist according to Liebscher & Bracht

  • Member of KineSuisse – professional association of kinesiology Switzerland

With over 16 years experience as a therapist in a wide variety of fields, I bring with me a wealth of professional knowledge and understanding, in supporting people in challenging situations and doing this with great empathy. My positive and intuitive approach combined with a clear perception of individual situations, enables me to accompany patients clearlyand sensitively in their processes.

Kinesiology was a great support to me personally through my own difficult health process. As a result I am enthusiastic about this treatment method and its holistic effect on physical, mental and emotional levels. Kinesiology and its philosophy have become an important part of my life and for this reason I decided to complete the training as a professionally certified holistic kinesiologist. I find it enriching to help people experience a greater awareness of, and contentment in, their lives. I would be very pleased to get to know you and share some of my enthusiasm about Kinesiology.



Gin is my cuddly, little Bolonka dog and my dear and faithful companion. He likes people, is very friendly and radiates a positive joy of life. 

→ At sessions, Gin is not present. 


I believe in the self-healing powers of humans and in the deeper inner knowledge, that every person has the solution for their imbalances in themself and carries with them the potential for change. When obstructive habits, attitudes or patterns become conscious, they can be resolved. Potential can be released and new paths and possibilities open up.

I see the human being as a holistic being encompassing body, mind and soul. The combination of western orthodox medicine with knowledge from far-eastern medicine is a great enrichment for me and is integrated into my therapies. I follow the model of “Salutogenesis” of Aaron Antonowsky, in which health is understood as a process.

It is important that the therapy is long-lasting. I achieve this by providing my patients with their own tools (exercises) for home, so that they can practice independently and make progress. My professional work is based on a detailed medical history and assessment. I understand my therapeutic limits and, if necessary, will send clients to other specialists for clarification. For me, interdisciplinary work is important and I have a very good network of therapists and doctors.

Kinesiology is a complementary therapy method. It does not diagnose and does not replace medical treatment. Through regular participation in training courses, I remain up to date with the latest developments in my field.

In kinesiology I adhere to the ethical guidelines of the OdA KT (Organization of Complementary Therapy) and the KineSuisse-Association. I am bound to treat all data in the strictest confidence and absolutely NO DATA will be passed on to third parties without the consent of the person concerned.