CHF 144 per hour*

→ A kinesiology session usually lasts 1.5 – 2 hours

Physical Therapy 

With medical prescription**

Self-pay physical therapy

without medical prescription

60 Minutes: CHF 125

→ You should plan to schedule 60 minutes for the first physiotherapy session, in order that there is enough time for a detailed medical history and assessment.

Classic massage

60 Minutes: CHF 125

Manual Lymph drainage

60 Minutes: CHF 125

Pain therapy Liebscher & Bracht

60 Minutes: CHF 140

Treatments can be paid for in cash, by invoice or by Twint

Vouchers for massages are available (valid 5 years from the date of issue)

* Kinesiology is an EMR, registered treatment method and the costs will be covered by most health insurances, if your plan includes additional insurance for complementary/alternative medicine. Please clarify this directly with your health insurance provider.

** KinesioSana physiotherapy is recognized by all health and accident insurance companiess and is covered through a medical prescription by the compulsory basic insurance. In case of illness, the patient usually has to bear 10% of the costs. Detailed information of the conditions of the collective agreement in which prices are regulated can be found in your health insurance policy or by contacting your health insurance company directly.